Not just any piece of paper…

What should come through my door this morning but a rather special piece of luxurious card with my name on it! Indeed, I’ve recently qualified for a PG Certification in Teaching Creative Writing. What does this mean? That I can offer a variety of classes and workshops, and as an attendee or event organiser, you can rest assured that I’m truly invested in developing skills, boosting the confidence of young writers and nurturing a love of the written word.

You needn’t be a seasoned poetry-writer to partake in any sessions I facilitate – the beauty of creative writing is it can be adapted to a great many settings, participants and requirements. Here are just a few classes I can offer:

  • Writing for mindfulness – a pressure-free run through of various strategies which can be employed for happy scribbling time
  • Poetry mentoring/feedback sessions – hone your work, share with others and develop your craft
  • Poetry analysis – learn more about traditional and contemporary poetry and how it relates to you
  • WordArt poetry collage workshop – a great group activity, suited to schools, youth settings and ideal for ice-breaker corporate sessions
  • Tips and tricks for better performance – relates to all kind of public speaking and confidence boosting!

Do get in touch for more information!

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