New release: ‘what colour is my brain?’

Poetry is often a highly effective balm when working through the difficult things in life, as Jules Whiting and I have found in the creation of our new petit-pamphlet ‘What colour is my brain?’, released by Hedgehog Poetry Press this month.

Meeting through our poetry group Thin Raft, Jules and I happened to connect over our shared experience of having an Electroencephalogram (or EEG), and the fact that we were both compelled to write about this.

We were thrilled to win Hedgehog Press’ stickleback competition with our joint endeavour, and even more delighted to see our four poems presented so beautifully in the trademark Hedgehog format.

This little pamphlet means such a lot to us. It’s about turning a negative into a positive. It’s about the power of imagination to go beyond and create something ‘other’, something positive, something that connects and is relatable.

I am so very proud of this gorgeous little book. Mark Davidson, editor of Hedgehog, has worked his magic, and I can’t wait to share the result. I’m proud of what it stands for, and to have my name on the cover next to my friend, Jules, a hugely talented poet and wonderful human being.

What a privilege 😊

If you would like to order a copy, priced at £3 including P&P, email

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