Lost & found

First edition deluxe pamphlet with end papers (only available from VicPickup.com or Hedgehog Poetry Press) Paperback, 24 pages £5.99 + P&P Signed copy of first edition deluxe pamphlet with end papers (comments may be left at the check out) Paperback, 24 pages £6.99 + P&P Annotated copy of first edition deluxe pamphlet with end papers Paperback, 24 pages £10.99 + P&P Digital Download (PDF) £2.99 Once you have made your selection, click on your basket and complete payment details securely through PayPal. … The lockdown of 2020 has presented a time to think. To consider the good, the bad, the haves and the have-nots, what’s lost and what’s been found. This short collection observes individual losses and gains through a lens, seeing what’s going, gone, and what unexpected treasures emerge as we walk this untrodden path. In a world of chaos, these poems help us reconnect over common ground, through the shared experiences brought about in these unreal times.  Praise for Lost & Found Vic Pickup’s direct and empathic poetry captures moments, voices and relationships without a filter, finding that what is ‘normal was more beautiful all along’ – it doesn’t need any enhancement. Pickup finds an intense, sometimes painful, … Continue reading Lost & found